Elevate Your Dance Classes: Rent Brooklyn Dojo Studio for Your Hip-Hop Workshops

If you’re a dance teacher or mentor looking for the perfect space to conduct your Hip-Hop Dance Classes, look no further than Brooklyn Dojo Studio. Situated in the heart of Brooklyn, this 1800 ft2 event space offers an ideal environment to inspire your students and take their dance skills to new heights. With its hardwood floors, abundant natural light, and peaceful atmosphere, Brooklyn Dojo Studio sets the stage for a dynamic and engaging dance experience.

Why Choose Brooklyn Dojo Studio?

At Brooklyn Dojo Studio, we understand the importance of providing dance educators with a versatile and well-equipped space to conduct their workshops. Our studio features a full kitchen and bar, allowing you to cater to the needs of your students during longer sessions. Additionally, our large outdoor patio provides a refreshing space for breaks and creative sessions.

The Perfect Space for Hip-Hop Dance Workshops

  1. Spacious and Inviting

    With 1800 ft2 of space, you’ll have ample room to choreograph, teach, and engage with your students. The inviting ambiance of our studio will encourage creativity and self-expression.

  2. Hardwood Floors

    Our hardwood floors are specially designed for dance, providing the perfect surface for intricate footwork and movements. Dance freely and confidently on our well-maintained floors.

  3. Natural Light

    The abundance of natural light that fills the studio creates a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, enhancing the overall dance experience.

  4. Peaceful Setting

    Brooklyn Dojo Studio offers a serene and peaceful environment, allowing your students to focus solely on their dance practice without distractions.

Rental Plans to Suit Your Needs

We offer flexible rental plans to accommodate your schedule and budget:

  1. Hourly Rental

    Perfect for shorter dance workshops or classes with limited attendees.

  2. Weekly Rental

    Ideal for more extensive dance workshops and intensive training programs.

  3. Monthly Rental

    The best option for ongoing dance classes and mentorship programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book Brooklyn Dojo Studio for my Hip-Hop Dance Classes?

To book the studio, simply visit our website at www.brooklyndojo.com and click on the “Rent Now” button. Select the rental plan that suits your needs and follow the instructions to secure your desired dates.

Can I bring my own music and equipment to the studio?

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your own music and equipment to create a personalized dance experience for your students.

Is there parking available for students and instructors?

Yes, Brooklyn Dojo Studio provides ample parking facilities for both students and instructors, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Are there changing and restroom facilities available?

Yes, our studio is equipped with changing rooms and restrooms for the convenience of your students.

Can I host performances or showcases at Brooklyn Dojo Studio?

Of course! We welcome performances and showcases that celebrate the talents of your students. Our studio provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable dance events.


Brooklyn Dojo Studio is your ultimate destination for hosting Hip-Hop Dance Classes in Brooklyn, New York. With our well-designed space, top-notch amenities, and convenient rental plans, you can focus on delivering exceptional dance education to your students. Book now and elevate your dance workshops to new heights at Brooklyn Dojo Studio.

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